Fangirl in a Foreign Land

by Liana

Early this year, fellow BGer Cindy (you’ll remember her fantastic looks at women in comics) said to us, “Guys, I’m thinking of making a change.” Cindy, who has a master’s degree in fine art, has been toiling away at administrative work in the corporate world for years, while trying to break into comics and slowly working on her own semi-autobiographical graphic novel (someday she will finish it and you be blown away by the magnitude of its awesomeness). She tells us that dinner with a friend inspired her to look into becoming a teacher. Well, as soon as we hear this, we know this is Cindy’s destiny and we barrage her with the happy support (that’s right, the BG is taking full credit). A few applications filled out, a couple meetings taken, many frantic phone calls made and soon Cindy is not only enrolled at Pratt, but she’s somehow now going to teach art in South Africa for five weeks. Wow.

I can say so much more about this, but I won’t. My words just wouldn’t do it justice. You can read all about Cindy’s adventures at her blog, Fangirl in a Foreign Land. It’s already filled with stories of frantic puppetry, baboon attacks and the kinds of inspirational things that make you cry. And soon, Cindy will be teaching her students to make their own comic book! If that isn’t the mark of a true Queen Fangirl, I don’t know what is.

We at the Bad Genious are beyond proud of Cindy and encourage you to check out her blog and think about what you would do if a baboon tried to steal your quiche. We also say a prayer every night that Cindy does not get eaten by a wild zebra.


Chris Ware said...

That zebra looks hungry...hungry for HUMAN FLESH!!!

KACH! said...

I hear that Cindy hunts & kills Wild Boar with her bare hands. No joke.


Cindy Cooper said...

I love you all SO much and miss talking to you every day.

Thanks for everything guys!

I will kill a warthog in your honor tonight. Kisses, Cindy