Panelology: Married... With Comics, Pt. 1

by Brandon & Jenn
It's happening and there's nothing I can do to stop it now. No, I'm not referring Steve Rogers returning as Captain America. In just four measly days, I'm going to get married to the love of my life, Jenn. We're currently smack dab in the middle of that "fun" stage right before the wedding where tensions are high as our nerves fritz out on us. While we're both sure that we are right for one another, one of the things Jenn likes to kindly rib me for is my affinity for comic books. As we begin to merge households, we have talked a lot about comic books lately. These are not the kinds of comic book conversations I would like to have about plot points and our favorite issues. No, these are serious, adult conversations about what we should do with all these damn comic books in my townhouse.

These conversations have been pretty riveting, lighthearted, and sometimes tense. I realize that the comic books in my townhouse take up a considerable amount of space. Ultimately, I decided to go with the BCW long storing boxes to file away my twenty some odd boxes in order to help create some space for us to live. The death of my bachelor lifestyle is upon us, but does that mean my comic book collecting days are over?

What follows is just a sampling of the conversations Jenn and I have been engaged in the past few weeks. Jenn doesn't call me an "asshat" here, which is a very positive start for us when having these conversations. Just as background, Jenn and I have been dating for almost three years now, but we haven't necessarily lived together other than on the weekends since she lives 90 miles away. She's probably the smartest woman on the face of the entire planet. She has got her PhD. in molecular biology and she is a scientist. Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to come up with any cool experiments that will give me superpowers yet, but I'm sure that particular instance is just around the corner for us.

Brandon: What did you think of comic book hobby when we first met? Do you remember your first experience with my fanboy room?

Jenn: I thought the comic book thing was "cute." Clearly, I did not realize the extent of your enthusiasm or the far reaching impact on every other part of your life (poor decorating decisions, planning vacations around comic conventions, etc.). The first time I saw the Fanboy room, we had only been dating for about a month and I was still in that "blinded by love phase." I don't really think I took it all in on that first visit because I only remember being struck by two things: 1)the sheer volume of books/boxes and 2)the life size stormtrooper in the corner.It wasn't until much later that I saw all of the "toys" and other Fanboy paraphernelia.

Brandon: I don't mean to be picky, but that's not a Stormtrooper in my extra bedroom. That's Boba Fett. But that's beside the point. What do you like about my having this hobby?

Jenn: First, I like that we have our own interests and maintain our own unique identities. Second, as my mom always says: At least I know what you are up to on a Friday night! There are many worse hobbies that you could have, so I guess I should be happy with this one!

Brandon: What do you dislike about my having this hobby?

Jenn: I think the first two dislikes are obvious, but are also a problem with many other hobbies that a person could have (you could say the same about scrapbooking for me!)...Space and money. However, I think with our new storage system, the space concern is much less of an issue. Also, you do a pretty good job monitoring how much you spend on comics and you shop for deals, so even though it is not how I would choose to spend MY money, I can't really complain about it.

Now, the real deal...an indirect effect of your comic book madness is that I get stuck at comic book stores (or at least sitting out in the car waiting for YOU in the comic store) WAY more often than I would like. Also, you put comic books on bithday and Christmas wish lists, which means that if I want to be a good girlfriend (replace with wife after June 13), I have to visit the comic book stores!

Brandon: To date, I've successfully managed to get you to read one comic, the Fables graphic novel. What did you think of it?

Jenn: I thought it was enjoyable to read - an interesting take on some characters from my childhood. I think the thing about comics that is frustrating to me is that you don't get a nice neat conclusion at the end of one book, because usually that one book is part of a series and you've really only completed a chapter in the story. I just don't see how you can be reading 6 different titles and keep all of the various stories straight from one month to the next! Ok, let the eye rolling begin...

Brandon: Why haven't you read any more comic books? What would it take to get you to read another comic?

Jenn: As mentioned in my previous, response...it is frustrating for me. I guess if you find me a somewhat girly comic that I can finish in just a few issues, I would consider it. Also, you will need to take up scrapbooking.

Brandon: What is the geekiest thing you've ever seen me do?

Jenn: Wow, so many to choose from! No, really ...I think you keep the "Geekiness" to a minimum. I wouldn't nail this down to a particular activity. I think the geekiest I've ever seen you behave is when you got really into Heroscape initially - the childlike giddiness over your new discovery was pretty geeky!

Plus, the occasional soliloquy ranting about the accuracy of a movie based on comic book history can get a little Geek too.

Brandon: Really? That's an unusual choice! I wouldn't have even put Heroscape in my top 100 geek out moments. Which hobby annoys you more and why; Star Wars, Comic Books, or the music collection?

Jenn: I can not choose. Star Wars and Comic Books take up so much space. The music collection results in my exposure to your music. There is no lesser or greater evil.

Brandon: How do you describe my "fanboy tendencies" to your friends and family?

Jenn: I don't try really. No one has ever really probed beyond "He collects comic books" unless it is to ask if you own any valuable ones. Plus, it is just who you are...I don't think I should have to explain who you are to anyone. They should have to figure it out for themselves, just like the rest of us! :)

On that Hallmark note, I'll end the interview for the day. Check back tomorrow for part 2. Jenn will be interview me about my hobby and I'm going to attempt to be honest.


Matt said...

Does she know about your stash of Wookie Porn? Or the sextape of Ewoks? That should be a fun interview! Really enjoyed the interview, I wish you the best in your upcoming marriage!

Mr`Orange said...

That was great stuff BJ, a really cool interview, and you guys sound so happy. Congrats.

Chris Ware said...

Wow, some of that sounds a lot like me and Mory's conversations! She scrapbooks, too, and complains about not having a space for it...