Who are the Bad Geniouses? ...er... Genioui? Geniousos?

by The General

Bad - adjective
1. not good in any manner or degree.
2. having a wicked or evil character; morally reprehensible.
3. of poor or inferior quality; defective; deficient.
4. inadequate or below standard; not satisfactory for use.
5. inaccurate, incorrect, or faulty.
6. invalid, unsound, or false: a bad insurance claim; bad judgment.
7. Slang. outstandingly excellent; first-rate.

Genious - noun
1. Undefinable.

I found those definitions in this big, old book. Thus, they are true.

The Bad Geniouses are a collective of friends (both online and in that other less online place) who are bound together by our mutual love of comics, popular culture and that most tried and true of fanboy beliefs: That if we state our opinions online, they are important.

While we may share that common bond, we also represent a varied group of opinions and perspectives. Case in point, I'm sure at least one of them will disagree with this assessment of the group. Unless they are agreeing with it just to be contrary.

Regardless, I figured I'd best get this blog up and running tonight. I mean, tomorrows New Comic Day after all.


coolgirlsar said...

Always about the fanboys what about us FanGIRLS?!?!

Vocal Minority said...

You've got to admire the accuracy of his prediction, even if he did forget the QFGs like a fool.

Betsy said...

Fangirls? Bah; we are fan WOMEN.

The General said...

To be fair, fangirls are smarter than fanboys. So, they probably don't beleive that posting something online automatically makes it important.

Being a fangirl posting something online makes it important though.

Doug Smith said...

Let the good times roll!

Matt said...

Now the world will know of my Banshee-love!

coolgirlsar said...

But how about your AP?