What's The Buzz on Justice League of America #20?

Posted by Patrick

So I wandered into my local comic shop today and, sadly, none of my normal books were out this week. But there was that pretty looking Ethan Van Sciver drawn Justice League that came out today. And you can't leave the comic shop without buying anything, so I bought it. And while Mr. Van Sciver does draw some pretty pictures, I found the issue kind of dull. Wonder Woman scolds Flash for putting his family before the League. And then they fight Hive and the Queen Bee. And really, that's about all there is to this very light and kind of boring story. But the pretty pictures from Ethan Van Sciver elevate the book to a grade of B.


Brandon said...

Outside of the Giffen/DeMatteis "Super Buddies" Justice League, this team never really interested me. Even the Morrison stories fell flat. Try as I might, DC just doesn't interest me in the way Marvel does. I'm positive stupid names like Hive and the Bee Queen have something to do with it. Granted, Marvel has their own array of quasi-idiotic names, but DC seems to be comfortably in the driver's seat for that department.

Doug Smith said...

I've been disappointed in the current JLA series from day 1. I had hoped that McDuffie would improve things, but it feels like he hasn't really been allowed to hit his stride.

The General said...

Have I mentioned here how much I dislike Ethan Van Sciver's art? This comic sounds right up my alley!