Patrick's Hat Trick: Pellet Reviews for 4/18/08

Aloha out there. Today it's 80 degrees and we had a earthquake in the midwest. And I'm inside writting reviews of comic books.

Brave and the Bold #12: You can just tell this was a story written for George Perez. Lots of characters, big cosmic crisis. A good book, but Jerry Ordway, while a great artist, is not a great sub for George Perez. A good book, but the art just doesn't quite match up with the story. What could have been a clever B with Perez on art, ends up being an everyday commonplace C.

All Star Superman #10: I love Superman. So much so that at my wedding my wife and I walked out of the church to John William's Superman Theme. And I think All-Star Superman may be the best Superman comic that I have ever read. And I've read a lot. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely are doing the best Superman comics of the last 20 years. Issue 10 is a bit slower than the some of the previous issues, but still is a ton of fun with lots of new ideas and twists on the Superman myths. A very high clever B+, with the run overall looking like it could be Bad Genious.

All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #9: This book is a crazy ride, and it's one I dig some months more than others. There are times I've looked at this book and thought "what the hot holy heck was Frank Miller thinking when he wrote this?" and other months I just read it and smile. This month, I smiled. And I think I also began to see what he was up to with his "what was he thinking" moments as well. A solid B.


The General said...

I've been struggling with DC's titles for the last couple of years. But, I think that All Star Superman is just excellent! I wish that they could reporduce this formula for some of their main DC Universe titles.

Matt said...

At first I didn't care for All Star Batman but after each issue I find myself quite drawn into the "Mad Miller Batman".

Patrick Gaffney said...

Yeah. I agree Matt. At first I wasn't sure what to think of All Star Batman. But as time as gone on, I've been digging it more and more.

Betsy said...

This has nothing to do with Patrick's review, but it should be noted that Matt's photo is pure Bad Genious.

Brandon said...

I generally avoid DCU titles, but I'll be damned if the All-Star titles aren't just fantastic. I love All-Star Batman. I know that makes me some sort of freak-fanboy, but I think it is just madcap fun!