Beyond the Big 2: May 2008

by Matt

I love going through the Previews magazine every month. I spend hours going through every page, reading every solicitation and I usually find something that piques my interest. Each month I try to pick up a new book that is NOT part of the "Big 2". Here are a couple of new books that I am giving a try in July from the MAY 2008 Previews.

By Nicholas Gurewitch
Published by Dark Horse
$24.95 HC
Product Code MAY080063
This 272-page follow-up to the immensely popular and soon-to-be-out-of-print collection The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories will collect the entirety of Gurewitch`s weekly newspaper print run. Also features bonus `lost` strips, sketches, and an interview by Wondermark`s David Malki.

I had no idea that this strip existed and I don't think I would have been interested in this if Dark Horse didn't include a few pages as samples in the Previews. This is totally the type of humor that I like. Check out his official site for some strips.

By Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp
Published by Avatar Press
Product Code MAY083636
In 1966, a group of superhumans emerged in San Francisco, guided by the man whose unique new drugs gave them their incredible powers. Calling themselves The Levellers, this unified front stood against street crimes and corruption, in defense of their city against any and all assault. Years have passed, and we fast-forward through the tumultuous events of those early years to today, where the idealistic Levellers have gone through four incarnations to become The Front Line. But the team is not the only thing that’s advanced over the years, and there are no easy victories when their luck finally begins to run out…

Self-professed Warren Ellis Whore here. I will usually pick up everything Ellis puts out and if this was anything like Black Summer I will not be disappointed. Rarely am I disappointed with an Ellis book. The only drawback that I can see is that when I open the comic, I will have to deal with that stinky print. Has anyone else noticed that Avatar comics stink? Small price to pay.

By George Khoury and Eric Nolen-Weathington
Published by Twomorrows Publishing
Product Code MAY084166
Over the past thirty years, no other artist has had a more profound impact on the entire Marvel Comics franchise than John Romita, Jr. From teenage prodigy to full blown superstar illustrator, his impeccable storytelling and hardcore professionalism have made him a fan favorite. His gritty visuals and powerful tenacity for illustrating action have graced the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men, Daredevil, and most of the company's other top-tier books over the course of his career. Like his father before him, nothing can stop this Modern Master from striving for the artistic perfection that makes the name Romita one of true royalty in the comics industry. This new book presents a career-spanning interview and discussion of JRJR’s creative process, complete with both rare and unseen art, including an enormous gallery of commissioned work by one of the Modern Masters of comics!

I love John Romita Jr's work and I was excited to see that he was the artist chosen to be in the next Modern Master book. These books are absolutely wonderful. A fantastic in-depth interview with a ton of unpublished sketches. I highly recommend getting these books, there is a lot of cool information that the artist shares. John Romita Jr ranks as one of my top 5 artists so this book is a must-have!

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I'll see ya next month.

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