Gene Colan: Call For Action

by Bill

As reported at Newsarama and other sites, Gene Colan is ill. His liver is failing.

There’s an auction being prepared for Mr. Colan’s behalf, details are forthcoming.

As reported on Cliff Meth the industry is galvanizing already with Stan Lee, Neil Gaiman, Mark Evanier and Peter David immediately pledging their support. Many more will certainly join the list over the next few days.

Gene's brought his passion, skill and genius to Daredevil, Howard the Duck, Iron Man, Night Force, Dr. Strange and Tomb of Dracula among dozens of other titles and hundreds upon hundreds of characters.

Everyone give hopes, prayers and support for this genius (cannot state this word enough in relation to Gene Colan's skill) storyteller and artist.

Gene, all possible wishes for the speediest of recoveries and health to you.


Jon Quixote said...

I love Gene Colan. I hope he finds a new liver.

Matt said...

I hope and pray for Gene and his family. I loved his Dracula work. Hopefully with Clifford Meth involved we will get a tribute book like the late Dave Cockrum. That book has a special place on my shelf.