X-Men: The Hunkies

by Sarah

Welcome to the new Bad Genious column, X-Men: The Hunkies. Each month, an X-Man will be picked for us to drool over. Oh, and maybe we'll say a few words as to why we're drooling so much over him.

To kickstart this droolworthy endeavor, the finest of the bunch has been chosen. Okay, so it was my choice and I'm biased, but I'm a gal in love. So without further ado, please ogle Gambit!

What is it that makes Gambit so popular? Is it those extremely manly and oh-so-hard pecs of his? His smooth, sexy, Cajun accent? His burning eyes? His humour? His charisma? His soulfulness and how he seems to be seeking redemption? The way he whispers "Mon Chere"? The way he handles a pack of cards? Or is it the bad boy attitude, the mischievousness, the flirtiness? Maybe it's all of these.

My love for Gambit first started when I watched the cartoon on tv. Unlike my fellow BGers, I wasn't a comic reader; that didn't happen until much later in my life. Apart from the hotness, I loved his character, the bit of bad-boy-trying-to-do-good. Oh, and the way he just said "Mon Chere" melted my heart. Years later when I met my husband, he took me to Forbidden Planet in London and there I found that I could read about my favourite character (yes, sure, I know that's sad how an early twenty-something was only just finding out about comics, but I made up for it).

The first comic I ever bought was the Rogue trade paperback. I loved the dynamics between Rogue and Gambit and, hey, I could imagine I was Rogue for a bit. After that, I hit every comic shop I could find to get as much Gambit action (and other comics) as I could. Apart from the last run of his own self-titled series, I think I pretty much have most of his stuff. I even have my own Marvel Legends Gambit...although he is currently in storage. Plus I have a pretty groovy piece of artwork.

Well that's enough rambling I think it's time we had some pictures and maybe we'll hear just why you love Gambit so much.


Matt said...

I think I could go gay for Gambit.

Brandon said...

You know, I like Gambit, but I don't think I could go that far. I would do anything for Gambit, but I won't do that.

No, I won't do that.

Cindy Cooper said...

Gambit's hot, even if I don't always enjoy the accent. He does have that romantic bad boy who's not really a bad boy thing going for him. Oh and those smoldering red eyes!