Happy 1st Birthday Bad Genious!

by Matt

It has been one year since our blog debuted! Not bad for a bunch of random dorks with a blogger account!

In celebration of our first birthday, I asked the question "What would you wish for if you blew out the candle on our birthday cake?" for a Birthday Roundtable.

I got a variety of answers and Sarah was the quickest to respond.

Sarah: A ménage à trois with Gambit and Angel.

Matt: You will go on record for that. Sarah must have Remy and Warren on the mind to respond to fast!

Sarah: On a more serious note I'd wish that there was more good books like Fables to get me interested in comics again. Fables is pretty much all that I read nowadays I have no idea what is going on in the world of comics but nothing piques my interest.... but then maybe that's a good thing seeing how our double spare bed is piled high with comics so much so that we can't actually get in the room.

Matt: That should be every comic book fan's wish. More room to store our stuff!

Chris: I want the clusterf*ck that was/is One More Day/Brand New Day to be retconned out of existence.

Matt: Retcon a retcon? You should talk with the devil about that. Let us know how it goes.

Tim: I wish DC was doing more with the Universe that wasn't so incestuous.

Matt: Ah, Tim.

Brandon: My wish for the next year; somehow Marvel will find a way to keep the Ultimate Books relevant with as little bloodletting as possible.

Matt: I dropped most of the Ultimate line awhile ago. I just might drop Ultimate Spider-Man when it reboots. I would love to see if they did something to re-energize the line.

Doug: Well clearly, I would wish for Banshee to return to the land of the living.

The General: Matt signed in on Doug's account again.

Matt: Doug is wise and awesome. That is all.

Mr. Orange: I wish I had the time to read all the comics and trades I have.

Cindy: My wish would be similar. I would wish that I could finish school and afford/have time to read comics all at the same time. Someday...someday.

Matt: Totally! More money, more space and more time for comics!

I don't want to speak for anyone on the blog but I am certain I can guess a couple more wishes.

- Emma Frost leave Cyclops for good and for Jean Grey to return.
- IDW making trades that are cheaper.
- The last issue of Planetary to actually come out.
- Banshee to come back.
- More X-titles.
- Quasar to get his own series written by McKeever.
- No $3.99 books.
- A Banshee series written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Alan Davis.
- Superman to sing at bad guys more.
- The Dark Knight movie being good.
- A new Wolverine series. Preferably with Chamber as a sidekick.
- Did I mention Banshee? (this will be the last time they let me do a Roundtable!)

Happy 1st Birthday Bad Genious!

I am taking the rest of the day off.

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