Shout Outs! and Scream Ats! Vol. III

by Matt

Welcome to my third “Shout Out/Scream At!” column! I am back baby! With this column I will be taking a look at what makes me a happy fanboy (Shout Outs!) and what frustrates me (Scream Ats!) within the comic industry. With this column I will be covering Desperadoes, DC's Blackest Night, Barack Obama, $3.99 comics, Magneto: Testament and me.

SHOUT OUT! Magneto: Testament
I usually wait until I have the full miniseries before I sit down and read them completely. And I really procrastinated reading this series because I was expecting this series to be a little heavier due to the subject matter. This wasn't something I could read while watching television or in the can, I wanted to give this my full attention. And I am glad I did. Magneto Testament was written by Greg Pak and drawn by Carmine Di Giandomenico and they concoct a story that doesn't feel like a typical X-Men or Magneto story. There are no super hero antics but there is a powerful story of love and survival. At times I had to remind myself that this was Magneto I was reading about. There are small nods that remind you that he will become the Master of Magnetism but I don't think anyone that doesn't know about the X-Men would be lost. At first I thought this series could lessen the impact of the Holocaust by adding a super power theme but it never does that. Pak and Di Giandomenico weave a wonderful tale that takes our history and Magneto's history into one thread. I highly recommend this series to everyone. You do not have to be an X-fan or comic fan to enjoy this.

SCREAM AT! $3.99 Comics
It is inevitable. But with the current economy and my current state of finances I have to rethink some of the comics I purchase. It has already impacted some of the books I want to read but then I do shell out $3.99 for some books (curse you Dark Avengers!) so I guess I am part of the problem. Chances are I will now wait for trade for some books. I would rather get them in singles so I can read them when they come out but to save a few bucks I guess I can wait. I just don't want too. Why can't I have my cake and eat it too?

SHOUT OUT! DC's The Blackest Night
In my last column ages ago, I swore off DC comics because I was dissatisfied with their last big event Final Crisis. I did end up liking the series but it was not enough to make me come back to DC. I had already dropped Batman because of the mess Final Crisis and R.I.P. made and the only other book I read, JSA, I dropped because Johns left as writer. So I was down with DC. Then I started to read some snippets online of the next event, Blackest Night and I admit that my curiosity is piqued. I have never collected Green Lantern and had absolutely no interest when Hal Jordan came back (ugh, that is another Scream At for another time) but I am a little intrigued now. DC has smartly made Blackest Night #0 a part of Free Comic Book Day and now I can try it out. Will this bring me back to DC and make me Shout Out? Or will I just Scream At?

SCREAM AT! Barack Obama Overload!
I am getting worn out with all these Barack Obama comics. Brandon did a fantastic job covering it in his recent Panelology column and I totally agree. Enough already! I probably will pick up the Drafted: Hundred Days Special because I love that book already but that is as far as I will go.

SHOUT OUT! IDW's Desperadoes Omnibus!
As many of you know, I absolutely love Dark Horse's series of Omnibus collections. They are smaller than normal trades but they have more material and they are in full color and are reasonably priced. IDW followed suit with their collection of Desperadoes. Same size, same cheap price and LOADED with material. This great collection includes ALL Desperadoes series and one-shots. If you love western and horror genres, you should pick this series up! I cannot wait to dig into it, I missed the last two mini series.

The desire to be lazy is stronger than my desire to write. And that ends now! I will be contributing more to this blog and also to my Banshee Blog. Yes, Banshee.

Until next time! And I promise it will be sooner than this one.

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Brandon said...

I'll have to c heck out the Magneto book for sure. I almost bought it this weekend, but the price tag coupled with the fact that the shop I visited offered absolutely no kind of discount helped persuade me otherwise. I'll probably seek out a used version of the trade down the road.