From Top to Bottom: Crossovers I Want To Read

by Matt

Welcome to the 6th edition of the weekly "From Top to Bottom" column! Every week I will look at something within the comics industry and give you my opinion on what I think is the best and what I think ranks amongst the bottom-feeders.

Last week I took a look at the Top and Bottom of Comic Book Women and a few weeks ago I looked at my Top and Bottom Comic Crossovers that have been published. With this week's edition, I finally post my Top 3 Comic Crossovers I want to read along with some I just might skip.

I am a HUGE sucker for crossovers, especially when one universe spills into another. Here are my Top 3 crossovers I would geek out for!

Why hasn't this happened? It just seems like a perfect fit. This could have so many story lines, they could be hunting each other, after the same assassin, the Punisher may just support the Predator (after the obligatory misunderstanding fight) as it is killing criminals and follows him around, there are just a ton of possibilities.

2)GI Joe/Aliens
I was really into GI Joe toys and comics way back in the '80s and I was also a fan of the movie Aliens. Why not put them together? When I was a kid, I would play with my GI Joe action figures and I had this storyline of the Aliens taking over Cobra Island and the Joe team has to go in and rescue them. Lots of gore and death (it wouldn't be Aliens without it) and Duke would die such a horrific death since I hated him so much. I think this would be so much fun to write.

Okay I confess, I have written some of it.

I have both runs of Nexus and Solar and I think a crossover between these two would definitely work and be a lot of fun. Solar caused the Earth to be thrown into a black hole resulting in the death of billions. Nexus is tracks down and executes mass murderers. What if Nexus went after Solar? It would be cool to see two god-like beings fight it out.

Some crossovers are not as natural as peanut butter and chocolate. Some crossovers are put together for the sole purpose of making money and they have as much creativity/personality as a dollar bill. With the right creators, any crossover can work. I cannot wait for the Groo/Conan crossover to finally come out. Here are my Bottom 3 crossovers that I would probably skip. (Who am I kidding? I would still buy them!)

3)Mr. Fantastic/Elongated Man
The most boring member of the Fantastic Four teaming up with a character that has lame powers. This would be a book I would pick up in a flash! I can't imagine how this type of team up would make me want to pick it up.

I don't care for Lobo and I think Bloodwulf is a horrible character. This is a match made in heaven! Only Rob should draw this book too. That way we never will see it!*

*old lame joke

1)The Final Infinite Invasion of Multiple Thors
So many Thors, so much confusion. ROLL CALL! From top left, Savage Dragon Thor, Image's Thor, End League's Thor and Marvel's Thor. I guess I could have added Ultimate Thor and Clor and I am sure I am missing other Thors as well. Now this would be the brouhaha to end all brouhahas! Which Thor will survive? Will our heads explode? Ragnarok has come! Hmmmm, this suddenly sounds like I could dig it.

Now that I think about, any of these crossovers could be fun in the hands of the right creators. How can I convince everybody to do a Thor crossover?


Chris Ware said...

Here are some crossovers I'd love to see:

Barry Ween/Impulse (never gonna happen)
Witchblade/Sam and Twitch
Danger Girl/Tomb Raider

Brandon said...

Punisher/Predator? UGH! I know I'm a cynical pundit for keeping the Punisher far, far away from the MU, but I'm equally skeptical of any crossovers. The Punisher seems to work okay with Batman, Wolverine, and Daredevil. Outside of that, no thank you.

The General said...

Hey Brandon, what about Punisher/Starro? Sounds like a good fit to me!

Jon Quixote said...

Punisher/Captain Carrot.

Write it up!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Punisher/Predator or Aliens sounds a great fit. Let Ennis go crazy on it