Hulk's Video Hat-Trick

by Patrick

The original plan for this week's Hat Trick was an in depth look at the three battles that old green-jeans had with the flagship character of the "other big comic company," Superman. But now it's Friday and I've barely started the article. Maybe someday I'll finish it, but for this week, I share with you three fun Hulk videos that maybe you haven't seen before. If you are ready to see Jack Kirby, Guillermo, and some old school cartoons, make with the clicky on the link and I'll show them to you.

VIDEO #1: JACK KIRBY ON THE INCREDIBLE HULK: Stan Lee may get all the love from Marvel with his many movie cameoes, but The King did an appearance as a sketch artist on the old Hulk TV show. See if you can guess who he is drawing!

VIDEO #2: GUILLERMO AS THE HULK VS. ED NORTON: The other night on Jimmy Kimmel's NBA pregame show, they did a pretty funny bit based around today's big movie release. It's really pretty funny (and I think it may be the only bit of promotion that Norton has done for the film):

"Did you see Fight Club? American History X? Do you want you face on the curb?"

VIDEO #3: HULK CLASSIC CARTOON: I was going to post the cartoon recapping the origin of the Hulk, but our esteemed guest editor, The Leader, demanded I include a cartoon featuring him. So watch The Leader send Hulk to another planet, where he meets The Watcher. And dig that groovy theme song! Come on, sing it with me! "Dr. Bruce Banner, Belted by Gamma Rays....."

That closes out the Hat Trick for tonight. Next week things will be back to normal, reviewing books. Until then, don't make me angry. You won't like me when I am angry.

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Jon Quixote said...

I miss Hulk week already. :(