Patrick's Hat Trick: Trickshot!

by Patrick

Greeting fanboys and fangirls. Welcome back to Patrick's Hat Trick, where I supply you with a "hat trick" of reviews (also known as three reviews). Now normally, three reviews equals three books. But today, I am going to attempt to accomplish bit of a "trick shot," and review FOUR books within my THREE reviews. Oh Hal Jordan, you're always blowing things out of proportion. Let's get started.

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #42 I had been holding off reviewing this book, wanting take a look at the first few months of comic legend Jim Shooter's return after 40 years. But after six issues, I don’t think I have enough to say about this book to devote a whole article to it. The book just is not that good. The characters are unlikable for the most part, and while I’ve enjoyed Francis Manapul's art on other books, he just seems like a bad fit here. The costumes are mostly pretty ugly, and it has been a struggle to pick up this book every month. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just boring and uninteresting. GRADE: D I’m only buying this book because I have OCD for all things LEGION. Unless you share my disorder, I advise staying away from this book.

ACTION COMICS #865: One of the highlights of Geoff Johns' run on Flash was when he would turn the spotlight on the villains. Johns brought a lot of new life into some old villains using this tool. This week he sets his gaze on a member of Superman’s rouge gallery, the Toyman. Johns explains away all the versions of Toyman that have appeared over the past couple of decades, and sets things up for an old supporting character to return. And while I don’t think anyone was clamoring for this character to come back, I find myself looking forward to her return. I also quite enjoyed the art by Jesus Merino. If I’ve read anything from him before, it never left much of an impression. He uses two different styles of art, an everyday style for parts happening “today”, and a Tim Sale-like style on the flashbacks. GRADE: B A solid done-in-one story by Johns and Merino

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA#15 & GREEN LANTERN #31: While Geoff Johns seems to be firing on all cylinders in Action Comics, with these two books, Johns seems to be treading water. The stories are interesting, but… seem… to… be… moving… so… slowly. These books have good ideas. I want to like them. I bet they’ll read pretty well when they are collected. JSA starts a new arc next month, so hopefully that will pick up the pace. Lantern has three more months to go with Secret Origin. I may save them up and read them all at once.GRADE: C Good story. Good art. But the slow pace stops the book form earning higher marks

That ends my Hat Trick for today. I look forward to reading your comments, either by clicking the comments link at the bottom of the article, or on our brand new Facebook page. Hasta La Pasta!

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